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"+81mall" is a service that you order all you want beforehand and pick them up at famous department stores in Japan

"+81mall" can solve all the major problems as follows

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Tax free goods you want to buy are sold out.

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You don't have enough time to find and purchase all you want.

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You cannot figure out where to buy tax free goods that you wanted.

Four reasons to use "+81mall"

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All products which you can order through "+81mall" are tax free and genuine. You can complete the payment and tax exemption procedure at the department store.You can complete your tax exemption procedure at the store where you receive the goods.

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You secure to buy what you want by ordering it at "+81mall" before you travel to Japan.

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The department store which provides this advanced order service is called "Matsuya Ginza". It is very famous and located in Ginza.

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You can enjoy efficient shopping in Japan as you can reserve all you want before the trip and pick them up at one place.

We sell over 120 brands!
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Gateaufesta Harada
Nippon kodo
+81mall sells over 120 brands, selected by Japanese famous department stores. You will find great products from over 50,000 products.
*The number of brands and products will be different in each stores.
How to use "+81mall"
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Before your departure

Order all you want at "+81mall" when you are making your travel plans.

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After your arrival

Go to the store and pick up your ordered tax free goods!

New tax free goods are being added.