Grooming Tab 100 capsules
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Carbonic acid ion bath powder gives care to babies who only have 1/3 thickness of human epidermis.
Suitable for animal's delicate skin. While dip or shower your pet with water 35~38 degrees, wash away the mineral mud sticked on fur. As kalk will be also washed away, the irritation to skin can be controlled. The brushing work can also be done smoothly.
Aluminium pet bag, bath powder capsules are included 【Ingredient】Hydrogen carbonate Na, carbon dioxide, citric acid, PEG6000, sodium caprilylsulfone 【Precaution on use】Licking carbonate water is safe. Although vomit is not neccessary, please be reminded that this water is not for drinking. Please do not let your pet eat the bath powder. Unfortunately, if powder is eaten, please let your pet drink plenty of water and bring it to vet. Please stop using bath powder if there is any allergy. Please stay with your pet while using the bath powder if it is suffering from any diseases at that moment. Please do not use the bath powder in any other ways except from bath. 【Precaution on storage】Please zip well and store at dry place after opening the aluminium bag. Please do not put the bag at any place where your baby or pet could touch, the place under direct sunlight, high temperature or high humidity. 【About Remaining water】As animal fur might be left in the water, please do not use it for washing. 【About ingredient】Sulfur, which can damage the bath tub, is not included.
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